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Your employees can save up to 60% on out-of-pocket medical expenses by prepaying for services through our marketplace, regardless of insurance status.

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Buy Medical Procedures Upfront & Save

MDsave marketplace providers are willing to offer lower, all-inclusive prices since patients pay before their visit. Take advantage of our pre-negotiated rates on procedures like imaging, general surgery, preventative care, and more.

ProcedureMDsave PriceCompare To*Savings
MRI without Contrast$467$960$493
MRI with & without Contrast$746$1,348$602
CT Scan without Contrast$277$487$210
CT Scan with Contrast$420$565$145
Diagnostic Bilateral Mammogram$243$280$37
Diagnostic Colonoscopy$1,968$2,267$299
Physical Therapy (45 minutes)$66$213$147
Hernia Repair$4,990$14,308$9,318
Gastric Sleeve$14,308$15,542$1,234

* MDsave prices in Nashville area compared to Healthcare Bluebook “Fair Price” for Nashville, TN.

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How MDsave Works

If your employees are on a high deductible health plan, there’s an 80% chance they won’t reach their annual deductible. MDsave takes the uncertainty out of shopping for health care below the deductible.

Compare procedure prices

Visit your primary care physician for diagnosis and your treatment plan options. Recommended procedures for your condition will be outlined in your doctor’s orders.

Use your doctor’s order to search for your procedure on our website to see prices from name brand hospitals and medical providers.

Make your purchase online

Pay in advance for medical procedures using your credit card, HSA/FSA account, or PayPal.

Visit the doctor

Bring your prepaid voucher to your next appointment. Your purchase includes all service-related charges.

Money Back Guarantee

We will issue a full refund if you are unable to obtain your selected service or if an incorrect purchase is made.

Quality Providers. Quality Care.

We partner with over 2,597 providers to offer affordable rates on common procedures in 34 states.

Make your employees happier with their high deductible plan

There’s a better way to buy healthcare. Meet real people who’ve found real savings on medical services. Let’s fix healthcare together.

“I bought my procedure online and saved over $900.”

“My ENT said that I needed an MRI scan on my sinuses. My out of pocket costs were going to be over $1,200! I bought my procedure online and saved over $900. It was almost too good to be true—I could hardly believe it.”

Charlie, Paralegal from Georgia
“MDsave was different. They saw me as a person.”

“When I was diagnosed with a heart condition... my doctor suggested MDsave. MDsave was different. They saw me as a person. Without them, I wouldn’t have gotten the test and that’s just not right.”

John, Prosthetic tech from Oklahoma
“Working with MDsave was a piece of cake.”

“Surprise out-of-network costs ate up my health savings account this year... I just have a job and work for a living like everybody else, and [MDsave] saved me $1,100 to use it.”

Scott, Nuclear medicine tech from Oklahoma

Chose a pricing transparency tool that provides actionable choices

MDsaveOther Tools
Price Estimates
Guaranteed Price & No Bills
HSA/FSA Integration
Integrated Financing Option
Email Campaigns & Marketing Materials Varies
Spending May Count Towards Deductible 
Concierge Support  Varies
CostFree!$1-5 PEPM

Have Questions?

How does MDsave work with insurance?

Employees can submit claims directly to their insurance provider and may count towards their annual deductible. Eligibility is determined by the insurance company and depends on the plan.

How do you offer such good prices?

Providers join our network so they reach new patients through our site—people like you. They’re willing to offer better prices since you pay online before your visit.

How much can employees save by using your service?

The prices offered on MDsave are up to 60% cheaper than the normal price at our hospitals. Plus, the prices are guaranteed up front so there are no bills from other doctors, laboratories, or anesthesiologists.

How much does this service cost?

Creating a custom landing page is free for an unlimited number of employees.

Does MDsave work with my HSA or FSA?

Yes, employees can use HSA or FSA funds on MDsave by checking out with their HSA/FSA credit card. These funds cannot be used for certain cosmetic procedures. Patients should consult their HSA/FSA provider to confirm eligibility.

Does MDsave offer procedures from high quality providers?

MDsave partners with the top hospital systems in the United States, so you can be assured of accessing the highest quality care.

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