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About Indiana Sinus Centers

About Indiana Sinus Centers

Indiana Sinus Centers were founded with one purpose in mind. To improve your quality of life and get you back to feeling normal as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.  Over the last six years we have been offering the latest advancements in medical therapy to patients from around the state.  Up to one third of the population in Indiana suffers from chronic sinus complaints. Contrary to what you may hear from your family or from the advice of your primary care doctor, it is not normal to suffer from frequent sinus pain and pressure, chronic infections, drainage and nasal congestion.  If you are sick of being on antibiotics, you no longer need to suffer.  Get back to a normal life.  Indiana Sinus Centers offers proven results through minimally invasive office and hospital based procedures. 

Awards Indiana Sinus Centers

2011 Indiana Patient Choice Award

2010 Indiana Patient Choice Award and Most Compassionate Doctor Award