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Three Rivers Nuclear Medicine Services

Nuclear Medicine
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Three Rivers  Nuclear Medicine Services
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About Three Rivers Nuclear Medicine Services

A special kind of imaging, nuclear medicine creates images of the body and its functions by capturing the energy of a safe radioactive substance as it flows through the body. It’s used to detect tumors and infection by bringing to light a number of bodily processes from kidney function to blood flow through the heart and lungs. Nuclear medicine can also be used to find blockages in the gallbladder and bleeding into the bowel. Three Rivers Medical Center offers the latest nuclear medicine studies, including nuclear cardiology (such as stress tests) and SPECT (offering several types of imaging in one machine). Nuclear medicine involves injecting small amounts of radioactive isotopes to highlight internal organs, cardiac function or suspected bone abnormalities. You will receive instructions based on the type of test you're having. You may be asked to wear a gown or may be able to wear your own clothes. Many nuclear medicine studies are performed with a gamma camera, which detects small amounts of radiotracers and creates images. SPECT cameras revolve around the body (offering several types of imaging in one machine).

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