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What is an Appendectomy? 

An appendectomy is an emergency surgical procedure, which involves the removal of the appendix. The appendix, a narrow tube that is attached to the colon, has a small amount of mucus inside its inner lining. This mucus flows into the cecum or the first part of the colon from the appendix. When the opening that connects the cecum to the appendix becomes blocked, inflammation can occur. This causes appendicitis. This medical condition has many serious and potentially life threatening complications when left untreated. 

Why is it Used?

When the appendix becomes inflamed to the point of an appendicitis diagnosis, the appendectomy is the best remedy for the problem. This is because an appendix can become so inflamed that it ruptures. This is a potentially life-threatening complication. 

What Conditions Does it Treat?

When the inflammation or the infection in the appendix is allowed to spread without receiving treatment, the most common result is that the appendix ruptures. This will allow the infected contents of the appendix to spread to other vital parts of the abdomen. Sometimes when the appendix ruptures, the body is able to contain the spill for self-healing. However, in many circumstances, the only way to deal with the spread of infection is to remove the appendix with a surgical appendectomy. The most common type of appendectomy is a laparoscopic one, which involves using a very thin telescope attached to a camera which is inserted through a puncture wound rather than a large incision. This is the most minimally invasive way to remove the appendix.