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Urinary Tract or Bladder Infection

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Urinary Tract or Bladder Infection Exam

The purpose of a bladder infection examination is to examine the patient to determine whether or not they have a bladder infection or a similar infection in the urinary tract. The most common first step in a bladder infection exam is urinalysis, which involves collecting a urine sample from the patient and analyzing it. If the physician finds leukocyte esterase or white blood cells in the urinalysis, this indicates a bladder infection or Cystitis. Another symptom that the urinalysis may reveal is blood in the urine known as hematuria. The urinalysis may also reveal the presence of nitrates, chemicals that some bacteria can produce and so the presence of nitrates may also indicate that an infection is present in the bladder. Infections may occur anywhere along the urinary tract infection, so it is important for physicians to determine where the infection lies so that they may treat it properly. It is extremely important to have a bladder or urinary tract infection treated, as it can lead to a more serious infection in the kidney. <\/p>