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Comprehensive Physical Exam

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What is a Comprehensive Physical Exam?

A comprehensive physical exam is performed by a doctor looking for any signs of disease or treatable medical conditions. The order of how things are performed will vary with each doctor. A medical history is typically done first, looking at any medical history, which will be examined further throughout the examination. The exact procedures will depend on each patient and the individual doctor’s preferences.

First, the height and weight are measured.  A doctor will also take one’s temperature and blood pressure as well as a heart rate. The nose, ears and throat will also be examined. A doctor will also feel around the neck and underarms for any swollen lymph nodes, which are a sign of infection. At this time, the thyroid is also examined for any masses, tenderness or enlargement. A doctor will briefly examine the skin, head, eyes and back for any irregularities. 

The heart is also listened to during an exam with a stethoscope, which listens to the internal breath and the rhythm. A doctor may also evaluate the abdomen, reproductive organs, legs and blood vessels. After a variety of tests, a doctor may order various lab tests to follow-up on any concerns they may have.