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Earache or Ear Infection

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What is an Ear Infection Exam?

During an ear infection exam, a doctor will pull the ear forward in order to straighten the ear canal for a proper view. Using an otoscope, a light is shined into the ear. Some air may be pressed into the ear to determine movement and any fluid buildup that may be in the ear. A doctor is looking for any inflammation. Tympanometry is another test where a small plug is put into the opening of the ear canal. The device can change air pressure in the ear canal, which helps determine a blockage. For those with frequent ear infections, a doctor may also suggest a hearing test. 

By the type of reflex or the color of the ear may determine the type of infection present. Some other conditions that may be diagnosed as a result of an ear infection are: external ear infection, head injury, cholesteatoma and ruptured or perforated eardrum.