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Electroencephalogram - EEG

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What is an Electroencephalogram - EEG?

Electroencephalogram or EEG is a test designed to measure and record electrical activity in the brain using special electrodes that communicate between the brain and the computer. The computer works to record electrical activity from the brain showing patterns of brain waves. Certain conditions and occurrences can cause disturbances or changes in these normal patterns helping physicians form a diagnosis. 

EEG may be used to diagnose epilepsy, to find causes for consciousness loss or dementia, to register brain waves for someone in a coma, to study sleep disorders like narcolepsy, to watch brain activity of someone having brain surgery done or to determine whether a health issue is mental or physical such as brain, nervous system and spinal cord issues. Electroencephalogram is typically performed by a specialist known as an EEG technologist because it takes special knowledge to interpret the waves on the EEG results for a proper diagnosis to be made.