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What is a Gonorrhea DNA, Urine test?

During a Gonorrhea test, a sample of the body’s urine or a bodily fluid is taken in order to determine if gonorrhea bacteria is present. These types of tests are used in order to screen or confirm a gonorrhea infection. This sexually transmitted infection is spread through sexual contact and is one of the least easiest to diagnose because of its lack of many symptoms. A doctor may perform several different tests in order to detect an infection. 

While a urine test can detect the bacteria, most doctors prefer a DNA test that is the most accurate. One DNA test, a nucleic acid amplification test, is used to make copies of genetic material of the bacteria. Another DNA test, nucleic acid hybridization test, detects genetic material of the gonorrhea bacteria itself. This can be done with body fluid that is collected from commonly-infected areas such as the urethra or the cervix.