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Vaginal Hysterectomy

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What is a Hysteroscopy? 

The purpose of hysteroscopy is to diagnose and treat issues pertaining to the uterus. The hysteroscope is a thin telescoping device with a light attached that physicians can insert into the uterus by way of the vagina. It transmits the images of the uterus onto a television screen so physicians can diagnose issues and explore the uterus for symptoms and conditions. Physicians can also attach additional instruments to the hysteroscope in order to treat certain conditions of the uterus.

The hysteroscopy is recommended to diagnose abnormal bleeding from the uterus, which can mean that the woman's menstrual cycle is not working normally. Hysteroscopy is also ideal for removing adhesions, diagnosing repeated miscarriage, locating misplaced itrauterine devices and performing sterilization by placing implants into the fallopian tubes to prevent further egg production. This is an uncomfortable procedure for women, so most physicians administer a medication for relaxation in conjunction with a general or local anesthetic.