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Insect Bite Exam

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Insect Bites - New Patient Office Visit

Depending on the particular insect bite, a visit to the doctor or emergency room may be required. Call 911 if the person has trouble breathing, is wheezing, has tightness in the throat or chest, is having trouble swallowing, slurred speech or is incoherent. A doctor visit is recommended for those who have hives, swelling in the body, a fever, a bite that looks infected, severe pain, new redness around the bite or symptoms seem to be getting worse. Never wait for a doctor’s visit if symptoms are emergency-like, always visit the emergency room first. 

For symptoms that can wait, a doctor will evaluate the bite area and examine the patient for various signs of infection.  If the bite isn’t infected and you’re not experiencing any life-threatening symptoms, a dermatologist visit may be in your future. They can work with you to treat the area and help to eliminate any swelling or redness there.