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Lower Body Lift

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What is Lower Body Lift?

A body lift procedure hopes to improve both the tone and shape of underlying tissues that support both the skin and fat. Sagging skin can occurred in countless areas of the body including the abdomen, groin, thighs and buttocks. This procedure can also improve the look of skin with cellulite. 

During a lower body lift surgical procedure, a surgeon will tighten skin. Typically incisions are made from the back or around the hips or the front of the thighs. Loose skin and any fat tissue is removed from below the incision. For those who have had a tummy tuck, the inner thighs can also be tightened. Incisions are chosen in areas where they can be hidden by clothes. 

In order to tighten the area, the skin is removed and then pulled upward, in order to repair the skin. This helps to suspend the tissues and tighten them for that smooth, toned look. A surgeon will have to reposition a patient throughout the surgery to work on all trouble areas. Oftentimes, this surgical procedure is combined with abdominal contouring (tummy tuck) or an inner thigh lift for the best end result.