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What is an Eye Exam?

It’s important to have periodic eye exams as a means of preventative health. Many vision problems do not have any apparent symptoms, so it’s important to be examined regularly by a professional to protect one’s eyes.  A comprehensive eye exam will start with patient history, which can include general health history and any past eye infections or problems. From there, a patient will be tested on visual acuity, which includes reading a series of letter’s E at different sizes to determine near or far sightedness. Other depth perception, eye muscle movement, peripheral vision and color vision tests may be performed.

For those interested in contact lens, a measurement of the curve of one’s cornea may be administered by a keratometer.  Next, the refraction may be measured in order to determine the proper lens power needed in one’s contacts or glasses. The way the eyes move and work together will also be examined throughout the comprehensive eye exam. Lastly, an eye doctor may simply look at the lens, retina, posterior of the eye, eyelids and conjunctiva to notice any problems. Additional testing may be done as a result of the findings of some of the tests listed above.