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What is Radiesse?

Soft tissue fillers are commonly used in order to restore facial volume on certain areas of the face. Radiesse or calcium hydroxlapatite can be used on smile lines, corners of the mouth, pre-cowl area, chin wrinkles or on marionette lines. It is injected in a gel form to the face. 

This injectable wrinkle filler works by immediately restoring volume to the area it is injected. Over time, this volumizing filler stimulates the body’s natural collagen production, which leads to up to a year or more of results. This skin plumping agent creates a more refreshed look to the face. 

It is often recommended for use in areas that have lost structure on the face. Radiesse and other soft tissue fillers that use calcium hydroxlapatite work immediately. Once they are injected, they add lift in areas that are diminished as a result of aging. During the procedure, a doctor will mark the areas for injections with a pencil and clean the skin with an antiseptic.