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Upper Respiratory Infection Exam

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What is Respiratory Infection Exam?

The examination for a potential respiratory infection will begin with a general examination and a thorough medical history before moving on to other diagnostic tests. The physician may listen to the patient's heart and breathing through a stethoscope, and they may also utilize an otoscope to look inside the ears. Comprehensive medical exams for identifying a respiratory exam may include X-ray imaging, computerized tomography or CT scan and laboratory tests. 

X-ray images of the chest typically rule out other types of infections rather than confirming a respiratory infection. For example, pneumonia is best diagnosed using chest X-ray. Computerized tomography scans are ideal for diagnosing sinus symptoms more than respiratory infections, so they are also useful for ruling out diagnoses rather than confirming them. Laboratory tests such as sputum cultures, urinalysis and nasal swabs or throat swabs can help to diagnose infections and their root causes such as a bacterial infection in the respiratory tract for example.