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Sleep Apnea Exam

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What is a Sleep Apnea Exam?

Sleep apnea is a condition that entails difficulty breathing properly while asleep. People who have sleep apnea often stop breathing in their sleep, and this causes a feeling like they are not getting enough rest the next day. The exam for sleep apnea diagnosis begins with a medical history and a basic exam. The most common element in a sleep apnea exam is going to be a sleep study, a series of tests and monitoring studies that determine what is happening to the body during sleep.

Additionally, a physician will recommend tests that will allow him or her to rule out other potential causes for sleep disturbances. Before the physician will recommend a sleep apnea diagnosis, the patient will be tested for hypothyroidism with a TSH blood test, high red blood cells through a CBC or complete blood count and heart difficulties which is tested using ECG or EKG, which is an electrocardiogram.