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Thigh Lift

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What is Thigh lift?

During the thigh lift surgical procedure, the thighs are reshaped by reducing the amount of excess sagging or hanging skin and sometimes fat. However, a large amount of fat cannot be done in this surgical procedure. If this is required, liposuction will also be administered. 

The thigh lift surgery occurs under general or local anesthesia on an outpatient basis and will last two to three hours. A surgeon will make incisions in the groin (bikini area) down toward the knee or the buttocks. They will remove any fat or excess skin first through liposuction. Then the surgeon will tighten tissues within the area for a smoother look. The skin is then stitched up and bandaged for recovery.

A compression garment must be worn during the recovering process to not only help reduce swelling, but to keep things in place as swelling subsides. Results are clear almost immediately after surgery despite the bruising and swelling from the surgery.