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Trigger Point/Tendon Injections

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What are Trigger Point Injections? 

Trigger point injections or TPIs are a treatment option for some patients experiencing pain. This procedure is most commonly recommended for the treatment of painful muscle areas containing trigger points, which are knots of muscle forming when the muscle cannot properly relax. These knots are often felt below the skin. Trigger points can irritate surrounding nerves causing referred pain which is pain that the patient feels elsewhere in the body. 

In this procedure, the healthcare professional inserts a tiny needle into the trigger point, which contains a local anesthetic or a corticosteroid. The trigger point is put into an inactive state, alleviating the pain. Injections are typically offered in a physician's office and only take a few minutes to complete. Physicians may need to inject needles into several different sites in order to alleviate multiple pain issues at once. The technique may also help with fibromyalgia, tension headaches and myofascial pain syndrome which all are chronic pain diseases.