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Upper Arm Lift

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What is Upper arm lift?

During a brachioplasty or arm lift, the under portion of the upper part of the arm is reshaped. Excess skin can be caused by aging, heredity or weight changes. While exercise helps the muscle tone, nothing can be done to restore lost elasticity or weak tissue. The surgical procedure will reduce skin and fat from the elbow to the underarm, reshape the arm and result in a more toned appearance.

An upper arm lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. A surgeon makes an incision from the elbow to the underarm, and in some cases, to the side of the chest. In some cases, liposuction will also occur with this surgery. Ultimately, the procedure depends on the amount of skin and fat in the area. Some people can simply have one incision in their underarm, while others need more extensive cutting in order to remove excess skin and fat and tighten tissue to create that toned look.