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What is Urinalysis?

Urinalysis is a medical test that evaluates a urine sample for diagnostic purposes. There are a wide range of different issues and disorders that urinalysis works well to detect, including diabetes, kidney disease, urinary tract infection and even pregnancy. There are several ways that physicians can analyze the urine, including looking at the color or appearance, concentration and the content of the urine. When there are abnormal results, this may point to the presence of an illness or disease. Urinalysis is a gateway test that helps physicians to determine whether or not additional testing and examination is needed.

Why is it Used?

Urinalysis provides a lot of basic information about the health of a patient. As such, many physicians insist upon the patient providing a urine sample before many other tests are prescribed. Just like blood tests are considered routine, urinalysis gives physicians a great foundation to move beyond when determining the health of a patient.

What Conditions Does it Treat?

Urinalysis is a common procedure, not only when a specific illness or condition is suspected, but also as a routine measure. Most patients seeing their physicians for an annual checkup will have to provide a urine sample for analysis during their routine visit. Urinalysis is a common diagnostic tool for assessment of overall health, in order to diagnose medical conditions and also to help monitor specific medical conditions such as urinary tract disease or kidney disease, because providing a consistent urinalysis will help determine how the disease is progressing over time.