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About Washington Open MRI

About Washington Open MRI

Washington Open MRI is a pioneer in providing patients with an alternative to cramped, noisy, and uncomfortable MRI examinations. Our “Open” MRI systems make it possible for you to come to a facility where you can be examined — without the concern of being placed in a narrow tube for an extended period of time. That’s why it’s called Open MRI! This advanced MRI system is ideal for pediatric, elderly, claustrophobic, anxious, and obese patients up to 500 pounds depending on their specific body shape, or anyone who would prefer not to go into a closed system. The result? More and more people in the Washington / Baltimore metro areas are choosing Washington Open MRI for their MRI examinations.

And as the FIRST HIGH FIELD STAND UP OPEN MRI IMAGING CENTER IN THE WORLD to offer a truly OPEN MRI where patients can watch television during their scan we have been recognized as a pioneer in the open MRI imaging community for using the latest technology for Open MRI diagnostic imaging! There is no better technology available anywhere for your open MRI diagnostic scan.