What is MDsave?

What does MDsave do?
How much will I save?
Who can use MDsave?
Can I apply my MDsave purchase to my deductible?
Is MDsave an insurance company?
What's in it for patients?
What's in it for providers?
How does MDsave determine listed prices?
How does MDsave estimate national average prices for cost comparison?
How do you evaluate quality of care?

How to Shop for Procedures

How do I find a procedure?
How do I find participating providers in my area?
Why don’t I see any providers in my area?
What if I don’t know the name of my procedure or can’t find it?
What if I cannot find my provider?
What does the price of a procedure include?

How to Place an Order

How do I make a purchase?
Can I purchase this procedure for someone else?
How do I use my promo code?

Payment Questions

Can I apply my MDsave purchase to my deductible?
Do you take patients on Medicare?
What is a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?
Can I use my FSA to buy procedures on MDsave?
Can I be refunded if my provider decides a pre-purchased procedure is not necessary?
Are there additional fees?
Is my payment secure?
What payment methods do you accept?

How do I use my voucher?

What do I need to do for my appointment?
How do I use my MDsave Voucher?
Does my pre-paid MDsave voucher expire?
What if I need to change, cancel, or transfer my voucher?
What should I do if I receive a bill?

Account Management Questions

How do I sign in if I can’t remember my password?
How do I sign in if I can’t remember my email?
How do I change the email or password on my account?
Can I still sign in to my account if I’ve forgotten my password and no longer have access to my old email address?

Parasail Monthly Payment Plan (ProPatient)

What is the Parasail Monthly Payment Plan?
What is the minimum amount required to apply for ProPatient?
What is the maximum amount you can apply for through ProPatient?
What is the difference between the MDsave Pay-Now Price and the Pay Over Time Price?
How can I apply?
What term length can Parasail ProPatient offer?
How will refunds work with ProPatient?
When will I receive my refund if I cancel my MDsave voucher purchased using ProPatient?
What if my monthly payment is late?
What happens if I default?
If a patient defaults and does not pay the ProPatient payment as agreed, will there be recourse to the hospital?