Healthcare Prices Explained

Paying out of pocket for healthcare services is on the rise. We’ve compiled the most common price factors to help you decipher your medical billing statement and explain how we calculate our estimated national average price.

Healthcare price factors

One procedure,
multiple bills

Your treatment is a group effort, consisting of multiple services performed by different providers. Every contributing party will send a separate bill.

After a surgery, for example, you could receive separate bills for the surgeon’s fee, the anesthesiologist’s fee, the hospital stay, diagnostic imaging, lab tests, follow-up visits and more.

When you shop with MDsave, our prices include the most common services for a procedure, which means no more multiple bills!


How does MDsave estimate prices?

Estimated National Average

We use a proprietary algorithm to provide self-pay patients with a fair point of comparison for bundled prices, which includes a weighted average of chargemaster prices, discounts and insurance-negotiated prices.

MDsave Negotiated Price

Unlike many healthcare cost comparison sites, our listed price is the actual price you pay, not an estimate. Our pre-negotiated, discounted prices include hospital, physician, anesthesia, and pathology fees unless otherwise noted in the procedure details.

MDsave: the better way to buy


We’ve done the negotiating for you. Compare costs and prepay one packaged price for your service.


Know what you owe upfront. Prices include the most common fees. No surprise bills.


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