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MDsave Direct

Create all-inclusive bundled care packages and start collecting multi-party payments now.




Customize procedure offerings and attract new patients through MDsave.com or our private employee marketplace. Set your prices and join MDsave promotions.


Patients enjoy the ease of shopping online, personalized help from our care specialists and purchase satisfaction guarantee with our MDsave Promise.


Bring referrals to your hospital via employed and affiliated physicians in surrounding primary service area and the MDsave network.


Create bundles across multiple providers. Payment is rendered to all bundle participants within seven days. Bundles can be prepaid or built at point-of-sale.


Payments distributed to all participating providers within seven days. Plus, increase your out-of-pocket collection rate.


Use our reporting dashboard to gain offering insights, inform business decisions, and develop long-term customer retention and loyalty programs.

Two ways to sell Procedures

In Hospital


How it works


Create your

Set prices for all participating providers using our patented software.


Activate your
online storefront

Patients purchase vouchers online, at point of sale, or through employee benefits via MDsave Plus.


Get paid

Payments distributed to all participating providers within seven days.

Horizontal bundling platform

Payment is distributed to all participating parties within 7 days.Just set your price and the software does the rest.

Multiple Services

One Bundled Price

Distributed Payment

MDsave has been vital for the uninsured and underinsured in our practice. It is great that it is bundled and patients don’t receive any bills after the procedure. This is a win-win for everyone.”

Frequently asked questions

MDsave is a service for patients electing to pay cash for procedures. At this time, we do not accept Medicare or Medicaid patients.
Patients with high deductibles may submit their MDsave purchase to be applied towards their deductible. Eligibility is determined by the insurer and depends on the patient’s plan. Click here for step-by-step instructions on helping patients submit their MDsave purchase.
When a patient books an appointment via MDsave, payment is delivered to the provider within six business days. Compare that to waiting 90 to 180 days to collect payment from an insurance company and the hours spent filing claims.
We use a proprietary algorithm that includes a weighted average of hospital prices, insurance-negotiated prices, and governmental payor prices to provide a fair point of comparison against our rates. Click here for Healthcare Prices Explained and more details on what goes into an MDsave national average price.
MDsave contracts directly with you as a third party, and the language of this agreement protects your managed care relationships while allowing you to offer services at rates negotiated with MDsave. Because our patients pay up-front, you can offer rates lower than your managed care agreements with no fear of bad debt or denied claims. We guarantee reimbursement in seven days or less without the need for back-end billing, claim filing or adjudication.

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