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Balloon Sinuplasty

MDsave price range: $4,290 - $8,485
Est. National average: $14,070 save $8,429


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Balloon Sinuplasty 

This medical procedure is done for those with chronic sinusitis (sinus infection) patients. It is a safe and effective treatment that helps give relief to patients experiencing pain or discomfort with their sinusitis symptoms. This is a minimally-invasive procedure. During the procedure, a doctor opens up the inflamed sinus by using the same technology as doctors who perform balloon angioplasty. The sinuses are opened with balloons and don’t require any removal of nose tissue or bones. It is offered under local anesthesia. 

The procedure site is determined based on a patient’s preference or needs. A physician will insert a guide catheter through the nostril near the sinus opening. A wire is then put into the sinus to ensure it is inside. The guide wires will have a light on the tip to help the physician see they are placing the wires properly. Once it has accessed the blocked sinus, a balloon catheter is put through the guide wire and placed in the opening to be inflated. After the balloon is inflated, the sinus will most likely stay open even after the balloon is deflated.