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What is a Flu Shot?

The flu shot is a vaccine injection that works to protect people against the influenza virus. There are three different types of flu shot injections: regular, intradermal and high-dose. The regular is approved for people six months and older. The intradermal version is approved for patients aged between 18 and 64. The high-dose version of the flu shot is for individuals aged 65 and older. Once the patient receives the vaccine, it takes approximately two weeks before the body begins to produce antibodies to provide protection against influenza virus infections.

Why is it Used?

There are two different types of flu vaccines --- the injectable version and an inhaled version. The difference between the shot and the inhaled version is that the injected version is a killed virus while the nasal-spray version is a live, weakened virus. The virus found in the nasal spray version will not cause the flu, but it will create the necessary antibodies. This version of the flu vaccine is approved for anyone between the ages of two and 49 assuming they are not pregnant. The flu shot is recommended for anyone that may come in contact with the flu virus or who has a weakened immune system such as senior citizens and children. This is because getting the flu vaccine is perceived to be safer than catching the flu.

What Conditions Does it Treat?

The flu shot is designed to fight against the influenza virus. Because every flu season is unique, an annual vaccination is required. Every year, the influenza virus that strikes will be mutated slightly from the year before, and so it will affect people differently. The flu vaccination is the best way to fight against the high death toll involving children and senior citizens during flu season.