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Holter Monitoring

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This includes an external ECG (holter) monitoring for up to 48 hours. Read more.

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What is Holter Monitoring?

Holter monitoring tests the rhythms of the heart. A patient would wear a small device that records their rhythms for a series of days. The device itself will record every heart beat that the patient makes during that time. Typically, this treatment is recommended to those that an electrocardiogram couldn’t determine clearly a patient’s heart condition. Electrodes are attached to the chest with an adhesive agent and are connected to the recording device. The information taken from this device helps a doctor to figure out the problem with a patient’s heart rhythm. This test is typically prescribed to those who have an irregular heartbeat or for those with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which increases one risk for an abnormal rhythm. They’re effective, easy to perform and slightly uncomfortable for the patient.