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Knee Replacement Surgery

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What is a Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement surgery is a surgical procedure where the surgeon removes the ends of bones in the high and the lower leg, capping the kneecap with an artificial surface which is lined with plastic and metal. Generally the entire surface on the lower leg bone and thigh ends is replaced. The components of the knee joint are then sealed to the bones using special cement. There are both partial and complete knee replacement surgery options depending on how much damage exists in the kneecap and surrounding tissues.

Why is it Used?

Knee replacement surgeries are considered to be a last resort treatment option for people with knee pain or damage. Some of the other treatment options that are available include: arthroscopy, uni-spacers, medication, braces and injections. Should a physician recommend a knee replacement operation, they are indicating that none of the other alternative therapies are delivering results and it is time to take the problem seriously. Knee surgery is not always necessary, but when it is, it will truly deliver the ability to recover.

What Conditions Does it Treat?

There are several medical conditions that may require knee replacement surgery. Any injury, illness or condition that causes severe pain to the knee can lead to replacement surgery. This will include arthritis or damage to the cartilage due to injury. When knee joints degenerate due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, avascular necrosis, knee joint malalignment or post traumatic arthritis, replacement of the knee joint either partially or entirely is recommended. This is because replacing the damaged or degenerating tissue is the best way to alleviate pain and return range of motion.