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Pelvic Exam with Pap Smear

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What is a Pelvic Exam?

The pelvic exam is the primary part of a standard gynecological exam. There are a number of reasons why a pelvic exam is essential including protecting against cervical cancer and infertility, to promote healthy childbirth and pregnancy and to quickly diagnose possible cervical and uterine health issues. The pelvic exam is a fast and easy exam, but it can have serious implications for protecting the health of the woman's reproductive system.

The pelvic exam can be routine as part of an annual checkup, or may be offered for a specific diagnostic purpose. The physician will look for signs of infection or disease, and may take cell samples for testing. The pap test, for example, involves taking cells from the wall of the cervix to test for cervical cancer and other abnormalities. The pelvic exam is essential for every woman as part of an annual gynecological exam to catch any abnormalities early.