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Save up to 60% on your medical bill by buying procedures upfront through MDsave.

We’re excited to partner with MDsave to help you pay for medical services needed prior to reaching your insurance plan deductible . A few tips to get ...

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Buy Medical Services Upfront & Save

Take advantage of our pre-negotiated rates by prepaying your bill before receiving treatment. Providers are willing to offer lower prices since you pay before your visit. Save up to 60% on medical services like imaging, general surgery and more.

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Note: Prices listed above may vary by procedure and location.

How It Works

Pay one packaged price for your medical services. Say goodbye to multiple charges or surprise bills.

Get your doctor’s order

Visit your primary care physician for diagnosis and your treatment plan options. Recommended procedures for your condition will be outlined in your doctor’s orders

Compare procedure prices

Use your doctor’s order to search for your procedure on our website to see prices from name brand hospitals and medical providers.

Make your purchase online

Pay in advance for medical procedures using your credit card or PayPal. Bring your prepaid voucher to your next appointment. Your purchase includes all service-related charges.

Check Your Deductible

Our Deductible Checker gives you immediate access to your in-network and out-of-network deductible.

Save on Prescriptions with MDsave Rx

Use the free MDsave Rx Card to get discounts on prescriptions at your local pharmacy.
Unlimited use & free enrollment — just create an MDsave account!
Accepted at more than 56,000 pharmacies nationwide
Average savings of up to 12% on name brand drugs and 82% on generics

Money Back Guarantee

We will issue a full refund if you are unable to obtain your selected service or if an incorrect purchase is made.

Real People, Real Stories

There’s a better way to buy healthcare. Meet real people who’ve found real savings on medical services. Let’s fix healthcare together.

“I bought my procedure online and saved over $900.”

“My ENT said that I needed an MRI scan on my sinuses. My out of pocket costs were going to be over $1,200! I bought my procedure online and saved over $900. It was almost too good to be true—I could hardly believe it.”

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“MDsave was different. They saw me as a person.”

“When I was diagnosed with a heart condition... my doctor suggested MDsave. MDsave was different. They saw me as a person. Without them, I wouldn’t have gotten the test and that’s just not right.”

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“Working with MDsave was a piece of cake.”

“Surprise out-of-network costs ate up my health savings account this year... I just have a job and work for a living like everybody else, and [MDsave] saved me $1,100 to use it.”

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Yes, anyone except those on Medicare and Medicaid can purchase procedures on our free marketplace. All MDsave purchases are self-pay (out-of-pocket). If you have a high deductible health plan, your MDsave purchase may count towards your deductible. Your insurance company will decide if your purchased procedure is eligible.
MDsave isn’t an insurance company. If you have a deductible, contact your insurance company directly to see if your MDsave purchase can count towards your deductible.
Use our free Deductible Checker to immediately access your in-network and out-of-network deductible and out-of-pocket max.
We currently have 1,990+ participating hospitals offering 1,960+ procedures in 46 states.
View current locations


Your insurance company will decide if your purchased procedure is eligible to count towards your deductible. To submit your MDsave purchase to be considered, you will need to obtain the diagnosis code (ICD-10 code) and procedure code (CPT code) from the provider who performed your service, and an itemized statement of charges from the MDsave Healthcare Support Team, which you can request at (877) 461-2491 or support@mdsave.com.
If you have a high deductible health plan and are not on Medicare or Medicaid, your MDsave purchase may count towards your deductible. Your insurance company will decide if your purchased procedure is eligible. To submit your MDsave purchase to your insurance company to be considered, follow these steps.
Don’t know your deductible? Find out using our free deductible checker tool.
Many HSA, FSA and HRA health account cards can be used just like a credit card to purchase procedures on MDsave. Contact your card administrator directly to determine if MDsave purchases can be drawn from your health account.
MDsave is pleased to accept CareCredit, a health, wellness and personal care credit card that provides promotional financing with flexible monthly payments.* New and existing cardholders can select the Pay with CareCredit option during the checkout process, or click here to apply for CareCredit prior to checking out on MDsave.

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payment required.


MDsave pre-negotiates bundled pricing with our network of providers. We are able to offer significant savings because payment is made in full upfront. Each price includes all services typically associated with each procedure. Please review the procedure description carefully to find out exactly what is included in the procedure price. Based upon your individual care needs, your provider may request additional services, which will be billed separately.
We package the costs associated with each procedure into a healthcare bundle to deliver an all-inclusive price.*

Translation = no more unexpected costs or surprise bills.

*Please refer to each specific procedure page for a complete description of provider services included with each procedure. If you need help, call us at (877) 461-2491 Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 7:00am-5:00pm CST.
Medical cost data is compiled through geographic market research and data sourced from 2014 and 2015 public and private healthcare databases.

Our Mission

MDsave’s mission is to make healthcare accessible to everyone by changing the way we shop for care.

We believe in transparency

We believe in people.

We believe we can change healthcare for the good