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Ear Wax Removal

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What is Ear Wax Removal?

Ear wax removal is imperative for proper ear health. Although it can cause pain and discomfort when there is too much of it, ear wax helps to protect your ear canal by slowing the growth of bacteria within the ear. A blockage can cause pain, discomfort, loss of hearing, ringing in the ear and dizziness. A doctor may diagnose this type of blockage with an otoscope. Some common types of ear wax removal can be done at home. Wax softening drops can be found over the counter and are placed in the ear and then drains out for five minutes. A syringe can be used in order to flush the ear with warm water, which will help to break down ear wax. A doctor may also prescribe a wax-removal medication that is used regularly every month or two. This will prevent a blockage from occurring in the future.