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Polysomnography (Sleep Study)

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What is a Polysomnography / Sleep study?

Polysomnography is a type of sleep study, which seeks to monitor a patient during their sleep or while they attempt to sleep. There are two different forms of sleep, the rapid eye movement or REM state and the non-rapid eye movement or NREM state. During REM state, when a person dreams, the eyes and the breathing muscles are the only muscles that move. There are four stages in the NREM state, which EEG waves allow to be detected. 

During a sleep study, numerous facets are measured including the air flow out and in the lungs during breathing, blood oxygen levels, breathing effort, breathing rate, body position, EEG brain waves, the electrical activities of the muscles, heart rate and eye movement. There are a number of conditions that a sleep study can help to diagnose or monitor, such as sleep apnea for example. Physicians use these sleep studies to determine how the patient's sleep is being affected, or whether they can sleep at all.